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Ten, Jack, and Ianto
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A slash community for Ten/Jack/Ianto
A community for Ten/Jack/Ianto fans to post their fiction, fanart, and discuss.

You don't have to post anything exactly involving the three of them together in a relationship as long as one of them is a main character of your fic, though the primary goal of this community is Jack/Ten/Ianto. Basically post to your DW/TW heart's content! ^.^

We prefer slash, but het is allowed as long as it evolves into slash at some point. Gen is happily accepted, because who can't get enough of our favorite boys adventures, together or by themselves! ;D

Please label your subject title as exampled below,

Fic: Title, Abbreviation of fandom's name, Pairing, Rating.

Fic Header,

Author Notes:

Label discussions as,

Episode Discussions: Episode Title, Season and Episode #

All fiction, fanart, and episode discussions under a LJ-Cut please. Even if the episode you want to talk about/need help with aired ages ago some might be new to that fandom and haven't seen it yet so they don't want to be spoiled. Overall please be respectful of others.

This community is Ten Only.

And with that note, let the T/J/I love begin!

If you wish to affiliate with us, please comment here


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